Dirty Diesel

Have you ever found yourself on a city street coughing or holding your breath as a diesel vehicle pulls away from a set of traffic lights ejecting behind it a bilious exhaust plume, leaving you wondering how that vehicle passed its MOT test? This sort of experience has been on the increase in the UK since Gordon Brown introduced the carbon dioxide (CO2) based company car taxation reform in 2002; diesel powered vehicles have been steadily increasing in number and have become a major portion of traffic on UK roads. Dangerous levels of exhaust pollutants, particularly in urban areas, have accompanied the rise in diesel vehicles. Janez Potocnik, the European Commissioner for Environment, said “Air is essential for our lives, we all have the right to breathe fresh air”, and in the UK we have a fight on our hands to ensure that right……..Read the rest of the article by clicking link below.


The right to work: undermined by technological advancements?

“I read the news today oh boy, about a lucky man who made the grade…” which recently tends to be a dot.com entrepreneur who has made billions from a tech start-up employing a handful of people. These success stories are usually accompanied by reports of a company downsizing, rationalizing, restructuring, consolidating, streamlining or one of many ingenious euphemisms used to soften the news of job losses. The workers are always the first to feel the slice of the austerity cleaver. The business is butchered to provide maximum profit for its shareholders with its employees consigned to the offal pile; leaving a lean, mean, money making machine………. Read the rest of the article by following the link below


Manchester homeless fight for justice – Contributoria proposal

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